CEMAST Announces the launch of our new website!
CEMAST Announces the launch of our new website!
Nurturing the Pillars of Minimal Access Surgery Uddipta Paul
CEMAST – Nurturing the Pillars of Minimal Access Surgery

Why train at CEMAST ?

Dr Foster and Dr Megha what they say

Why train at CEMAST? There’s nobody better than our course participants themselves who can answer that question. Watch what they had to say:

What sets CEMAST apart is:

Extensive hands-on learning: At CEMAST, we believe in an ideology:

Tell me, I’ll forget. Show me, I’ll remember. Involve me, I’ll understand.

All the courses offered at CEMAST involve extensive practical training coupled with didactic sessions. The actual handling of the instruments, laparoscopic devices ensures that the course participants acquire the much-needed confidence & motivation to embrace, practice & master the art of Minimal Access Surgery.

Innovative course design & comprehensive course curricula: Faculty members at CEMASTtake painstaking efforts in designing every course taught at this ‘Center of Excellence’. The course curriculum, the didactic lectures and hands-on practicals are then planned in a manner that offers the participants the complete know-how about a specific surgical procedure.

Novel simulators: CEMAST  has always been innovative in its approach & offers specially designed models & clinically-close simulators.

Faculty members with a passion for teaching:With over 300 eminent faculty members with comprehensive clinical experience and expertise, CEMAST is committed to ‘teaching a surgeon’ & not just a procedure. Faculty members at CEMAST have illustrious profiles and represent institutions of National as well as International stature. They have a passion for teaching a surgeon.

Personalised attention to every participant:CEMAST has the highest ratio between Faculty: Participants. Hence, individualised attention is given to all the participants training atCEMAST.

A vast array of courses:CEMAST is the only centre in the entire world to provide comprehensive courses that cover all the specialities where Minimal Access Surgery is performed. CEMAST is the only centre in India to offer training in both flexible and rigid endoscopy. At present, CEMAST provides training in 171 different courses in 12 different specialities. Continuously, the efforts are made to include new courses.

Unmatched infrastructure: Spread over 12000 Sq. Ft. Area at a premium centrally located business hubs in the maximum city – Mumbai, CEMAST is an ISO 9001:2015 Certified Organisation with world-class, state-of-the-art infrastructure. Complete adherence to the Systems and Processes differentiates CEMAST in its disciplined approach.

Courses for entire MAS team: CEMASTbelieves that the whole team assisting the surgeon including the Operating Room Nurses, Paramedic staff, Biomedical Engineers, Technicians must be trained to understand the principles and fundamentals of laparoscopic surgery, instruments and their applications.CEMAST offers comprehensive courses not just for the surgeons but also for the entire team aka ‘Pillars’ supporting the surgeons.

The Center of Excellence for Minimal Access Surgery Training (CEMAST)has been instrumental to the advancement of Laparoscopic Surgery in a structured manner & has played a pivotal role in inspiring the surgeon to embrace, master & practice the art of  Minimal Access Surgery. All the courses at CEMASTare accredited by Maharashtra Medical Council & CME credits can be earned for all the courses at CEMAST.

Over 5000 surgeons who have been trained successfully at CEMASTstand testimony to the unmatched quality of the training & hands-on sessions delivered by an expert team of over 300 eminent faculty members of National as well as International repute.

Do not get left behind; elevate your skills to practice and master the art of MAS with encompassing, hands-on training from the pioneering experts at CEMAST.

Enquiries & Registration for all courses in 2018: Call 091671 90180, 022 61012000 or visit www.cemast.org

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