Master Course in Hernia

Master Course in Hernia

Hernias – an oft-heard public health problem is a leading cause of loss of work days & disability. Hernia surgery is one of the most common surgical procedures performed by general surgeons. Over the last decade, there is a sea change in understanding the art and science of Hernia & it’s surgical management. With the advent of novel techniques, experts have modified and introduced newer procedures to the surgical armamentarium that hold the promise to improving outcomes. New prostheses and fixating technologies are available, which merit evaluation and acceptance.

With this 3-day comprehensive course, CEMAST aims to cover ‘everything’ in the management of Hernia.

Course Objectives

Knowledge-sharing, hands-on training & giving the much-needed confidence, capability in performing all procedures to the surgeon is the fundamental objective of every course at CEMAST. This extensive course is also not an exception & aims to cover detailed procedural aspects. The course also promises in-depth discussion on the indications, rationale, contraindications, potential complications. CEMAST is known for imparting step-wise training in each procedure with a complete focus on patient safety.

Who Should Attend?

  • Every surgeon who is keenly interested in understanding the art and science of latest advances in Hernia

  • Surgeons with prior experience in laparoscopic surgery who wish to progress to laparoscopic hernia surgery

  • Experienced surgeons who have “hesitated” to embark on the journey to laparoscopic hernia surgery

  • Post-graduate students in Surgery

Course Highlights

  • 14 Didactics on various topics from selected renowned national faculty. A unique opportunity to learn not only from the masters in their surgical skills but also from the passionate teachers.

  • Step by step explanation of all techniques with video clippings

  • More than 10 hours of hands-on practical over 5 Lab sessions for skill development, guided & supervised by experts. Delegates-Faculty ratio 3:1 promises one-to-one attention and in-depth interaction with expert faculty. Specially created models and porcine tissues.

  • Emphasis also on Open techniques with latest modifications

  • Glimpses of AWR (Abdominal Wall Reconstruction), a growing concept in surgical treatment of Hernia (Future of Herniology)

  • Live Relay of a few procedures from other high volume centers with two-way interaction subject to availability of cases

  • Lecture-discussion on multiple unedited videos of TAPP, TEP, IPOM, etc.

  • Take home material including videos, reading material detailing steps of different

  • An introduction to Alumni concept & fostering the ties to develop & build relationships with fellow participants & share the progress in the future journey of Hernia management.



A candidate registering as observer shall be allowed to participate in the course and attend the didactics, video discussions and transmissions at CEMAST. Observers shall not be eligible to any hands-on exercises in the labs.

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