Certificate Course in Basic Laparoscopic Urology

Certificate Course in Basic Laparoscopic Urology

Laparoscopic surgery has become an integral part of a urologist’s practice. Laparoscopy has been accepted as the gold standard for procedures like Orchidopexy, Nephrectomy and Pyeloplasty. Patients want an early recovery, minimal pain and the obvious cosmetic benefits offered by Minimal Access Surgery. This 3 day course will offer a basic grounding in Laparoscopy for Urologists and help them to get the confidence to start some of the Standard Laparoscopic urological Procedures in their own operating theaters.

Knot tying and suturing at Laparoscopic Surgery has been the “Achilles Heel” of novices and sometimes even of an “Advanced” Laparoscopic Surgeon. The course promises extensive training at this aspect with dedicated hours in the simulation as well as animate laboratories to polish one’s suturing skills.

A visit to operation theatre will enhance the confidence of the delegates after witnessing live surgeries and give them the confidence to overcome the difficulties in their own operating rooms.

Objectives of the course

  • To familiarize oneself with all the basic equipment for Laparoscopy

  • To understand the Laparoscopic Anatomy and Dissection Particularly for basic Urological Procedures

  • To learn Laparoscopic knot-tying and suturing

  • To review indications, technical details and possible pitfalls in Laparoscopic Nephrectomy, Pyeloplasty, Orchidopexy and Ureterolithotomy

  • To understand prevention and management of complications of basics Laparoscopic Procedures

Who should attend the course?

  • Urologists in practice to refresh their knowledge and learn from the experienced faculty

  • Urologists starting Laparoscopy

  • Experienced Urologists who have not had the benefit of training in laparoscopy during their residency programs

  • Urology residents

Course Highlights

  • Presentations

  • Emphasis on knot tying and suturing

  • Supervised training in simulation and Tissue Laboratories

  • Lectures from expert faculty

  • Plenty of opportunity for informal interaction with the faculty

  • Operating room training


A candidate registering as observer shall be allowed to participate in the course and attend the didactics, video discussions and transmissions at CEMAST. Observers shall not be eligible to any hands-on exercises in the labs.

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Date: Jun 11, 2020 – Jun 13, 2020
Registrations will be closed 8 days before the course begins.
Course Fee: US$ 1525