Thoracoscopy Certification Course

Thoracoscopy Certification Course

Focused on Diagnostic Aspects of Pleural Cavity, Pleural Biopsy, Drainage Pleurodesis

Lung related problems and their treatment are an integral part of every pulmonary and general physician’s practice. Tissue diagnosis of pleural effusions and their management form an integral part of the expertise of the treating physicians. Rather than relying upon repeated diagnostic pleural tapping, a visual inspection of the plural cavity, with tissue diagnosis, adds accuracy and speed to its management. In trained doctors, this is achievable in the remotest part of the world, helping patients return to their normal routine and work, much quicker.

Every pulmonary physician practicing today needs to understand the principles and fundamentals of diagnostic thoracoscopy to avoid compromises and complications. This one-day comprehensive training course encompasses “all-in-one with certification” to fulfill the dreams of any physician wishing to integrate safe thoracoscopic diagnosis in their clinical paraphernalia.

Accurate placement of trocars to drain pleural fluid, hand-eye co-ordination of telescopes with instruments for biopsy, and understanding the basics of talc instillation, have been the “Achilles heel” of novices and sometimes even of experienced pulmonary physicians. This course provides extensive hands-on training in this aspect, with dedicated hours in the simulation as well as animal tissue laboratory to perfect the diagnostic yield – all done by complying with perfectly ethical standards.

Course Objectives

  • To familiarize oneself with thoracoscopic localization and biopsies

  • To review indications, technical details and possible pitfalls in thoracoscopic biopsies

  • To understand mechanism, applications, avoidance and complications of Pleurodesis

  • To understand the philosophy and ergonomics (less strain – better performance)

  • To gain proficiency in two-handed instrument handling and improve hand-eye co-ordination

Who Should Attend?

  • Surgical / Medical postgraduates

  • Experienced physicians who have hesitated to embark on thoracoscopy as a procedure

  • Physicians and surgeons getting initiated in thoracoscopic procedures

  • Pulmonary physician performing Thoracoscopic procedures, who wish to consolidate their knowledge and skills

Course Highlights

  • Clinical Orientation

  • Clinical Observation with extensive Supervised training in simulation and animal tissue laboratories

  • One-on-one mentorship by renowned faculty and plenty of opportunity for informal interaction

  • Emphasis on localization biopsies, Pleural talc instillation, preventing and managing complications – Tips and Tricks

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