Certificate Course in Advanced Minimal Access Paediatric Surgery

Certificate Course in Advanced Minimal Access Paediatric Surgery

Minimal Access Surgery has become an integral part of Paediatric Surgery. Many paediatric surgeons have acquired skills to perform basic minimal access Paediatric Surgery. However, very few are proficient in performing advanced minimal access Paediatric Surgery. This three-day course is planned to make the delegates confident in performing advance minimal access Paediatric Surgery including Fundoplication, Esophagomyotomy for Achalasia Cardia, surgery for malrotation of small bowel, Pyloromyotomy, Splenectomy, pull through surgeries for Hirschsprung’s disease and anorectal malformations, surgery for Meckel’s Diverticulum, Nephrectomy and Nephroureterectomy, Pyeloplasty, thoracoscopic repair of diaphragmatic hernia and lung biopsy, etc. Knot-tying and suturing in laparoscopic surgery has been the “Achilles’ heel” of novices and sometimes even of an experienced laparoscopic surgeon. The course will have dedicated sessions to make the delegates confident of intra and extracorporeal suturing. The animal tissue laboratory will give opportunity to have adequate hands-on experience, which will further boost the confidence of the delegates.

Course Highlights

  • Lectures by expert faculty

  • Supervised training in simulation and animal tissue laboratories

  • Plenty of opportunity to interact with the faculty

  • As alumni of CEMAST, continuous support from the faculty as and when required

Course Objectives

  • To give participants maximum hands-on experience under faculty supervision

  • To familiarize with endoscopic anatomy of abdomen and thorax

  • To learn laparoscopic suturing and knot-tying

  • To learn ergonomics in laparoscopic and thoracoscopic surgery to minimize complications and operating time

  • To review indications, technical details and possible complications of following advanced minimal Paediatric surgeries

    • Laparoscopic Fundoplication

    • Laparoscopic Heller Dorr

    • Esophagomyotomy

    • Laparoscopic Pyloromyotomy

    • Laparoscopic correction of malrotation

    • Laparoscopic Splenectomy

    • Laparoscopic Splenectomy

    • Pull Thru for Hirschsprung’s Disease

    • Pull Thru for Anorectal Malformation

    • Meckle’s Diverticulum

    • Laparoscopic Pyeloplasty

    • Thoracoscopic repair of congenital diaphragmatic hernia

Who Should Attend?

  • Post graduates who are under training in

  • Paediatric Surgery

  • Paediatric surgeons who are already in practice and wish to offer this modality to their patients

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Date: Nov 25, 2019 – Nov 27, 2019
Registrations will be closed 8 days before the course begins.
Course Fee: US$