Upper Tract Endourology Course

Upper Tract Endourology Course

Endourological applications for the Upper Tract have been evolving rapidly over the last decade. Today with miniaturization of Endourology equipment and with proven safety and efficacy of newer energy sources, fragmentation of stones in virtually any location in the Urinary Tract and Ablation of Small, Superficial Tumors is feasible.

This two day course offers a comprehensive understanding of how to use various techniques either in isolation or sometimes combined to enhance success. Detailed instructions of various instruments and energy sources with appropriate utilization of ancillary equipment will be offered. Various maneuvers to circumvent difficulties in accessing the Upper Tract will be ably demonstrated. Training on simulators will be conducted to help Trainees get a grasp of the equipments used in Upper tract: Smaller Semirigid Ureteroscopes, Flexible Ureteroscopes, Nephroscopes and Mini Perc Instruments (Nephroscopes). Basic and advanced skills for handling these instruments will be imparted during sessions in the laboratory. Live demonstrations of Endourological Procedures conducted in Operation theatres will supplement the instructional courses and give the delegate a complete understanding of operative procedures.

Course objectives

  • To learn peculiarities of Endoscopic Anatomy of the Upper Tract and Instrumentation

  • To learn to use Semirigid Ureteroscopes, Flexible Ureteroscopes and Nephroscopes, including Mini Perc Instruments

  • To understand the combination of two different instruments for efficient use in two separate procedures done simultaneously in difficult situations

  • To review indications, techniques and learn how to avoid complications with newer situations

  • To discuss various energy sources and optimal use of disposable ancillary equipment in Endourology

Who should attend the course?

  • Urologists in practice to understand the newer developments, refresh their knowledge of varied applications and interact with experienced faculty

  • Urologists keen on developing a dedicated Endourological Practice center

  • Urologists keen on purchasing new equipment in Upper Tract Endourology

  • Urologists in practice who have not had the opportunity to train in Endourology

  • Urologists in practice who have not had the opportunity to train in Endourology due to unavailability of training in Endourology during their residency

  • Urology Residents

  • OR Nurse and Technicians who will be handling instruments and energy sources

Discount of INR 5000/- for first 10 Registrations
Attractive Discount on GROUP REGISTRATION
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Date: Jul 12, 2019 – Jul 13, 2019
Course Fee: US$ 1300