Certificate Course in Sialendoscopy

Certificate Course in Sialendoscopy

The era of minimally invasive but maximally effective surgery has dawned. All surgical fields are moving towards structure and function preserving procedures. One such lacuna is being filled by Sialendoscopy – diagnosis and treatment of obstructive disorders of the Salivary Duct systems. This has brought about a fundamental change in the way obstructive Salivary Gland Disorders are now treated.

Sialendoscopy is being successfully practiced for more than two decades. The main difference from Endoscopic Sinus Surgery is that here we have no landmarks and the medium in which we operate is saline and not air. Hence we need to unlearn to learn. Hence, some diligence is called for.
The aim of this course is to train the delegates with the concepts and practice of Sialendoscopy. It will empower the surgeon to perform Sialendoscopy with greater confidence and lesser undue fear of complications.

Course Objectives

  • To understand the structure and functioning of the Salivary Ductal System and Glands

  • To derive needed information from investigations like USG, CT scans and MR Sialograms

  • To get familiar with the equipment and their handling and develop a better hand eye co-ordination

  • To learn the surgery in a stepwise manner and thus avoid complications

  • To be able to treat complications if any

Who Should Attend?

The course has been specifically designed for:

  • ENT post graduate students

  • ENT Consultants

  • Surgeons who wish to acquire new skills necessary for endoscopic surgery of Salivary Ductal system

  • Maxillofacial Surgeons

Course Highlights

  • Lectures by expert faculty

  • Supervised training on life like inanimate and animal tissue models

  • Plenty of opportunity for informal interaction with faculty


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