Lower Tract Endourology and ESWL Course

Lower Tract Endourology and ESWL Course

Lower Tract Endourology

The major part of Urological practice today is Endourology. It has been accepted as the gold standard for treating BPH and Genitourinary Calculi. Patients want an early recovery, minimal pain and the obvious cosmetic benefits offered by Minimal Access Surgery. This 3 day course will offer a basic grounding in Endourology for the Lower Tract. The course aims to offer a thorough theoretical knowledge of instrumentation used for the Urethra, Bladder and Lower Ureter, coupled with description of all the procedures along with a live demonstration. We will also offer training on simulators for some of the procedures.

A visit to the operation theatre will enhance the confidence of the delegates after witnessing live surgeries and give them the confidence to overcome the difficulties in their own operating rooms.

Extracorporeal Shockwave Lithotripsy (ESWL)

ESWL (Extracorporeal Shockwave Lithotripsy) has been the treatment of choice for renal stones less than 2 cm since its introduction over the last two decades. ESWL machines from various manufacturers and utilizing different energy source are now in use throughout the country. A very high incidence of stone disease in our vast population ensures that we will need to use all treatment modalities intelligently, with a special emphasis on Minimal access…ESWL.

This course will offer a quick look at the evolution of various machines used in ESWL and their current status. The course will provide an in depth understanding of the Shockwave physics and the Biophysical aspects of Shockwaves on human organs.

A clear cut understanding of the LITHOTRIPTOR design and appropriate use of imaging in ESWL will be the hallmark of this course. Course participants will be demonstrated the different techniques to position and couple with the membrane for different locations of stones. Interactive discussions on the Integrated Stone management in Endourology and appropriate selection of patients for ESWL will be held. A special dedicated session on analgesia in ESWL, recognition and prevention of complications and follow-up regime will be part and parcel of this course.

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Date: Jun 06, 2019 – Jun 08, 2019
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