Cochlear Implant Course

Cochlear Implant Course

The progress made over the last decade in cochlear implants, surgical techniques, and speech processing strategies has been phenomenal. There has been vast improvement in functional outcomes when comparing early single channel devices, which provided basic speech awareness and improved speechreading ability, to current digitally-based technology, where open-set speech recognition no longer amazes the clinician. With improved technology and outcomes, some assume the cochlear implant is the best technique available and more surgeons need to be trained for the same.

Hence CEMAST management feels the need to start diagnostic and therapeutic hands-on Cochlear implant Training as a new forte to enter.

Course Objectives

  • To understand Radiological aspects in Implantation

  • To practice sequentially the steps of surgery and how to avoid possible complications

  • Lectures Candidacy / Counseling Preoperative work up

Who should attend

The course has been specifically designed for:

  • ENT postgraduate students

  • Junior Consultants in the first five years of their private practice

  • Senior surgeons who wish to acquire new skills

Course Highlights

  • Lectures by expert faculty

  • Supervised training on life-like model

  • Plenty of opportunity for informalinteraction with faculty

Discount of INR 5000/- for first 10 Registrations
Attractive Discount on GROUP REGISTRATION
Contact UDDIPTA on +917506683774 or write to him at for Group Registration
Date: May 11, 2019 – May 12, 2019
Course Fee: US$ 1800