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Over 8000 surgeons & physicians have been trained so far at CEMAST since last five years with outstanding feedback from all of the participants; CEMAST received the participants from more than 25 countries. CEMAST offers the promise of not just providing the top class courses in MAS but also supports its International and National alumni with lifelong practice sessions & ongoing advice from the respective faculties.

The Course Design & Training imparted at CEMAST ensures clinical knowledge sharing necessary for surgical skills in MAS. Scientific & comprehensive course curriculum, well designed & encompassing courses make CEMAST one of the only centres to focus on procedure and not the product-based training to the participants. Surgeons are taught specific do’s & don’ts; tips and a comprehensive course including cognitive skills. At CEMAST, our unique Medico-legal session is one of the most engaging sessions that promise sound guidance and knowledge sharing for our participants. At CEMAST, courses are designed to teach the complete team of the surgeon including the nurses, paramedical and support staff.

CEMAST offers courses beyond surgery – unique yet contemporary courses viz. Medical Writing, Cognitive Skill Development in Surgery are conducted by the renowned surgeon from India & overseas.

CEMAST believes in enhancing the skills of young residents. Essentials of surgical skills for residents is one such course that teaches to adapt safe practices in surgeries. CEMAST provides complete hand-holding to the residents and shows them the right skills, gives them the confidence.

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