CEMAST – Nurturing the Pillars of Minimal Access Surgery

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CEMAST – Nurturing the Pillars of Minimal Access Surgery

Nurturing the Pillars of Minimal Access Surgery Uddipta Paul

Nurturing the Pillars of Minimal Access Surgery Uddipta Paul

The Center of Excellence for Minimal Access Surgery Training (CEMAST) was established with an objective to teach a surgeon. Over the last six years, ‘The Center of Excellence’ has boosted the progress of Minimal Access Surgery in the Indian Subcontinent.

However, it is the philosophy of providing the holistic training to the entire team that assists the surgeon that sets CEMASTapart from other institutes offering training in Minimal Access Surgery.

At CEMAST we believe that every person involved in the healthcare practice today needs to understand the principles and fundamentals of laparoscopic surgery, instruments and their applications. Every person in the surgeon’s team should know about the care and maintenance to avoid compromises and complications during or after the surgery. Being a Biomedical Engineer myself, I understand the dire need to train the entire team of the nursing staff, fellow biomedical engineers, technicians in the basics of Minimal Access Surgery.

The Operating Room Nurses, Paramedic staff, the technicians handling different equipment, the team of biomedical engineers are the ‘Essential Pillars’ that support every Surgeon, and together they all ensure that there are less strain and better performance thereby resulting in a speedy recovery for a patient. At CEMASTwe conduct a comprehensive two-day course wherein we teach –

  • The basics of handling of Laparoscopic instruments, devices & equipment
  • How to hold Camera during Laparoscopic surgery
  • Hands-on module on endotrainer for skill development
  • How to prepare a trolly as required in different procedures
  • Aseptic practice in the Operating Room
  • Reprocessing of Minimal Access Surgery Devices, equipment & instruments

Today, we live in the era of fierce competition. Each one of us is striving hard to gain the extra knowledge, acquire unique skills that would propel us to a new level in our careers. CEMASTprovides this right opportunity to the budding professionals so that they can shape their careers in such specialised fields as Minimal Access Surgery & be a part of a successful team that provides quality health care via the skilful hands of an expert surgeon.

Enquiries & Registration for all courses in 2018: Call 091671 90180, 022 61012000 or visit www.cemast.org

– By Uddipta Paul, Assistant Manager – Marketing, CEMAST

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