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Supported by altruistic educational grant from Karl Storz, Tuttlingen, Germany. Not for profit, not for commerce.

CEMAST – Vision for the Future of Surgical Education

From the time The Center of Excellence for Minimal Access Surgery Training started functioning, CEMAST has trained over 7000 Surgeons in several surgical specialities in MAS. We are happy and proud of our contribution to Indian Surgery. However, CEMAST is both pragmatic and realistic, and realizes that in the concept of the National Surgical scene and vast patient load, our contribution may be, at best, just a drop in the bucket.

It is with this background that CEMAST is determined to play a role in the National Program “Ayushman Bharat Yojana”, by stepping up its training programs to create greater number of safe, competent MAS Surgeons.

CEMAST currently conducts 44 Courses in various specialities and subspecialities. Everyone at CEMAST is working with passion towards implementing the Distance Learning Program, most of all the CEMAST Faculty who will be the heart-beat of the Program. The Distance Learning Program will commence shortly for two or three Courses and will gradually expand.

Prof. Tehemton E. Udwadia,
Chairman – CEMAST

To go beyond the physical confines of CEMAST and move CEMAST training into the field of Distance Learning.

The greatest boon of MAS to a developing country is early return to work and productivity. In a country where daily wages manual labor is the norm, early return to work is a great financial benefit to the patient, the patients entire family and multiples endlessly as a great National saving.

CEMAST proposes to go into the Distance Learning Program in three phases:

The Pre-Course will include essential introduction to the structure and study covered in that particular Course, the significance of the Course and material essential to prepare the Surgeon to get the maximum benefit from the Course.

This, as always will be a structured Course on Virtual Reality Simulators and on animal tissue and animal cadaver models created to approximate as close as possible to actual bleeding, breathing conditions as would be seen at live Surgery, using the best equipment. These Courses are constantly being optimized and improved and are conducted by a Nationally and Internationally renowned Faculty, who are hand-picked not only for their expertise, but also for their passion for teaching.

The Post-Course is the real soul and distinctive strength of our Mission. Through this on-going Course, via webinars, discussions, videos sent by Faculty, evaluation of the Surgeons own operative Video by the Faculty for guidance and improvement, ongoing Mentorship by Faculty, effort to secure Observership and Proctorship at local site of the Surgeons practice, literally hand holding the Surgeon from the Hands-on Course till the time the Faculty, the local Proctor the Surgeon himself feel having attained the level of proficiency, safety for independent Surgery.

Know about CEMAST

The Center of Excellence for Minimal Access Surgery Training (CEMAST), was created by the vision, commitment and dedication of two individuals:
Dr. Mrs. Sybill Storz, Chairperson, Karl Storz GmbH and KG, Tuttlingen, whose purely altruistic desire and commitment was to create a Training Center in Mumbai, solely for education and academics of Indian Surgeons, not for any profit, free of all commercial interest or intent. She made CEMAST into the ultimate state of the art, one of its kind Training Center. Prof. Tehemton E. Udwadia, who has been active in the spread to Laparoscopy in the Indian Sub-continent since the 1970s. After seeing the inadequacy of holding countless “Workshops” for decades, where the participants registered, paid their fees, attended the “Workshop” and were lost into the sunset, he had the vision to create an autonomous Center, run by surgeons for surgeons, where every participant trained at the Center remains as Alumni for continuing training and mentoring in perpetuity. That CEMAST has trained till now over 5000 surgeons in all the surgical specialities where MAS is performed is a tribute to the dedication and commitment of Dr. Sybill Storz and Prof. Tehemton Udwadia towards hands-on training in Minimal Access Surgery.


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